Axial Fans

Axial Fans - High flow rate at lower pressure

Axial fans supply air flow at relatively low system pressures, without changing the air direction. Mounting the impeller to the rotor eliminates the need for an external driveshaft, forming a very compact assembly. The motor and impeller assembly can be mounted to a wall plate with integrated venturi and a grill guard. This complete package provides easy mounting, low noise levels and high efficiency.

All the facts of ebm-papst axial fans at a glance

The best example: HyBlade® axial fans

An outstanding example of the continuous further development and improvement of our products is the HyBlade® axial fan – a one-of-a-kind material composite developed specifically for large axial fans. HyBlade® brings the benefits of two opposite materials to their lowest common denominator: maximum efficiency.

For one, a carrier made of aluminium provides high stability. For another, the attached sleeve made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic permits completely free mouldability of the blades. Where metal can be machined only by bending, stamping and punching, fan blades with the HyBlade® structure can be optimised down to the finest detail, for example using winglets on the wing tips, like those that provide greater lift for aeroplanes. For the HyBlade® axial fans, they enable even higher aerodynamic efficiency – with minimum weight and revolutionary noise reduction. In conjunction with our highly efficient, leading edge drives with GreenTech EC technology, HyBlade® axial fans become real energy-saving wonders.

No wonder, then, that HyBlade® axial fans has also become an international sensation. For example, in early 2008, our product innovation received the iF material award (iF International Forum Design GmbH), the renowned prize for outstanding material solutions.

HyBlade® axial fans are available in many familiar sizes and with standardised interfaces. This makes it particularly easy to switch to our lightweight fans.

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