Energy Saving Motor & Axial Fan Series

ESM Fans - The Alternative to Shaded-Pole Motors and Fans

It used to be said - according to the old Esso advertisement - that we wanted a tiger in our gas tank. Instead we've ended up with ethanol. It's a different world and the continually escalating cost of energy consumption has everyone looking for answers. The impact on the company bottom line has joined the increasing global awareness of the environmental consequences of inefficient products to create a growing chorus for motors that squeeze every ounce of energy from the power that they consume. Even ebm-papst can't promise you that! But we did create a line of Energy Saving Motors (ESM) specifically to save you money in refrigeration fan applications.


ESM Product Range:

The ESM is an AC powered, electronically commutated external rotor motor that can cut your energy costs by...I know - you're probably guessing 20% or so - which wouldn't be bad...but we're talking 66% over the typical shaded-pole motors used in refrigeration applications! OK, we have to admit the upfront cost is higher. Even a couple of years ago that could have been a reasonable argument for sticking with lower cost, inefficient motors - but not any longer given today's energy costs and new federal/state efficiency regulations. If you're still not convinced, let's look at some other reasons;

  • All that energy not being turned into shaft power by those shaded-pole motors is turned directly into waste heat that's going right back into your refrigeration system, adding to the heat load.
  • The combination of low motor heat load with the use of ball bearings results in long life, which equates to a better ROI and lower maintenance cost.
  • The ESM can be programmed for two speeds, where the minimum speed can be 40% or less of full speed for additional energy savings and noise reduction when full performance isn't required. The programming can be done by us or by you, even in the field. It's that easy.
  • Reverse rotation option available, even with integrated timer function
  • Built-in vibration isolation system\

  • To make the decision to replace shaded-pole or PSC motors even easier, we've given you a choice of configurations;
  • M1G055-BD motor only series
  • M1G055-BD motor with choice of metal propeller sizes & blade pitches to match your duty point
  • W1G200-E complete fan assembly - ESM, 8"Ø fan blade and venturi with mounting ring in one optimized package
  • The complete fan assembly is a very versatile and economic package that is cURus Recognized to UL507. Its wide acceptance in the industry led us to expand the fan assembly series to include 6.8", 9", 10" and 12" Ø fan blades and offer versions with built-in plastic grill guards and alternate air-flow direction (intake over guard instead of exhaust over struts). All motors are UL Component Recognized for the USA and Canada for motor construction per UL1004 and thermal overload protection per UL1004-3 (formerly UL2111). All complete fan assemblies are UL Component Recognized for the USA and Canada per UL507. So come-on! Ease on in to energy savings with ESM by ebm-papst Inc.