RadiPac Centrifugal Fans  

One-stop shopping

The RadiPac plenum fan is the easiest to integrate a radial impeller into a system. Plenum fans are driven by energy-saving EC external rotor motors with drive capacities between 400 W and 6 kW. The position of the impellers on the EC external-rotor motors have optimized aerodynamics and installation requirements

RadiPac stands for...

Real Information - The performance documentation for the entire fan, consisting of high performance impeller, GreenTech EC motor and control electronics, is based on real laboratory measurements rather than just calculations.

Effective Logistics - A single RadiPac part number encompasses all the components required to perform your specific air movement task. One stop shopping at it's best!

Simple Startup and commissioning - All necessary functions for operation are already on board and perfectly optimized.

RadiPac for compact solutions in air handling units (AHU)

The high-performance impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the external motor. This saves space and allows the entire rotating unit to be balanced on one shaft.

Unrivalled compactness - the GreenTech EC Fan...

... in contrast to conventional fans with AC or PM motors.

Installation - Simple and safe

Together, the electronics and motor form one unit. This not only saves space, but also ensures easy installation. The integrated electronics system for commutation and control replaces an external VFD (variable frequency drive). Because the motor and electronics in the system are already perfectly matched, additional electronic filters and shielded cables are unnecessary. Even the motor overload protection is included. The result: no more cost-intensive adjustments before commissioning and no need for grounding and shielding measures. All you need is – Plug and Play!

Conventional fans with mandatory peripherals make complex air handlers The GreenTech EC Fan can be installed quickly with all features already on board


Efficiency comes down to the system

“What counts is the result!” – this also applies to efficiency. After all, it is not just the efficiency of individual components which is decisive, but rather the result of their interaction. And it is here that RadiPac truly excels, beating anything on the market. The impeller, motor and electronics system are all optimally matched, resulting in an market leading efficiency of well above 60 %. The GreenTech EC motor is an AC line powered permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor with electronic commutation (EC) and speed control. It's efficiency exceeds super-premium levels while using widely available and cost effective ferrite magnets. The unique motor design yields high magnetic flux density without using rare earth metals. Other permanent magnet motors of comparable efficiency with internal rotor designs require the use of these rare-earth magnets. These PM motors are also less compact and more difficult to install, requiring additional peripherals. Not so with the RadiPac – here, efficiency is easy and uncompromising!