Tubeaxial/Diagonal Fans  

High flow rate at medium to high pressure

ebm-papst compact fans have been the standard in electronics cooling for decades. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, the energy-saving fans adapt to the cooling situation and can be intelligently networked to the device logic. They are available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.

Tubeaxial fans for the cooling of electronic equipment are equipped with external housing and an electric motor integrated into the fan hub. This compact construction allows space-saving accommodation of all devices and easy installation; the flange is equipped with mounting holes. ebm-papst compact fans are available in various IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, select models up to IP68.

Our tubeaxial compact fans are suitable for high air performance with moderate pressure build-up. The flow of air through the fan blades is parallel to the rotation axis. The space-saving integration of the motor makes them extremely flat.

For our diagonal fans the outflow is diagonal. This compresses the air more – for a higher air flow at high pressure build-up. This makes them particularly well suited for cooling-intensive applications in tightly spaced components.

For each type, ebm-papst offers a large selection of fans, which are available in AC, DC or GreenTech EC design, for all voltages and in all standard sizes. With electronics built-in at the factory, they also offer numerous additional options and can be networked intelligently with the corresponding device logic.

All the facts of ebm-papst axial fans at a glance

The best example: DV6300 Diagonal Fan

Diagonal compact fans are the first choice for high air performance in compact space. The new fans of the DV 6300 series from ebm-papst St. Georgen go even one step further. With their electronically controlled S-Force motor, they offer many additional functions such as temperature regulation, active motor cooling and filter monitoring with signal output for the filter change.

Do more with less: Though the DV 6300 is only 51 mm deep with a diameter of 172 mm, it generates a flow rate of up to 647 CFM. That is as much as 57% more than for the predecessor model. Thanks to high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology and aero-improvements, the sound pressure was able to be lowered radically, namely by 8 dB(A). To the human ear, therefore, the DV 6300 is less than half as loud. That's something to talk about – or perhaps it would be more appropriate to whisper.

The new series also gets the highest grades in reliability. The high-performance S-Force motor, with 350 W and an efficiency of 85 %, is designed for a long service life in all components at rated output. That makes the fan series particularly well suited for applications with high endurance loads, such as for motor frequency inverters and switch cabinet cooling, printing machinery and heat exchangers. However, the fans can also cope ideally with the more varied cooling air requirements in IT and telecommunications or operation in inverters for wind power plants.

S-Force - Tubeaxials

Ultimate Compact Performance

Our S-Force generation of compact fans are the most powerful performance fans in the world! Whether for cooling server rooms or switch cabinets, complex machines or sensitive medical technology - our intelligent and controllable high performance fans can be adapted to any cooling application.

The new generation of compact fans are divided into five series with sizes ranging from 80 to 172 mm. Each series represents the benchmark in its class with respect to air performance and pressure build-up with optimum motor efficiency and long service life. These compact fans reach nominal speeds up to 14,000 rpm and operating values that had previously been attained only by large fans. To harness this much power in a minimal space requires outstanding strength. To equip the housing, stator, bearing system and rotor for high performance, a one-of-a-kind housing design was developed with mechanical precision down to the smallest of detail.

At the heart of the S-Force series are highly compact single-phase and three-phase multi-pole motors with wear-free electronic commutation. Their outstanding features include high efficiency with low dissipated energy, maximum efficiency and intelligent function and above all - power. The new motors attain a peak power of more than 300 watts, equivalent to a 500% increase compared to predecessors of the same size.

With intelligent equipment features, the EC compact fans are perfectly adaptable and ready for individual requirements. Optional features include speed monitoring, closed loop speed control, operating monitoring, integrated or external temperature sensor, or microprocessor controlled motor management for software controlled fan operation. Additionally, the optimized inside contours of the housing, the small gap clearance between the blade and venturi housing, and the use of winglets on the fan blades ensure exemplary smooth running and constant low noise.